Introducing Solar Monitoring and Alerting

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Daily monitoring and instant alerts for SolarEdge Inverter failures, ensuring your solar energy production is always optimized.

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Why Choose Us?

Did you know that a recent 2023 consumer study found that residential inverter failure rates may be as high as 34.3% over 15 years!
An inverter failure can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost energy production when it is not dealt with immediately. Our service is designed to ensure that you never miss out on your solar energy production.

For just a 10$/year or 2$/month subscription, you can ensure that your solar investment is always working for you. Login today to get started.

Learn More About Our Service

Our innovative monitoring system integrates seamlessly with SolarEdge Inverter API to provide you with real-time daily checks and alerts in the event of outage. With our system, you receive instant alerts:

  • SMS alerts from: +1-207-489-4240 (please add this number to your contacts). Sent via our Twilio SMS messaging service.
  • Email alerts from:

Join us in our journey towards sustainable energy utilization and maximize your solar energy potential today for our introductory rate of just 10$ per year.

Our Solar Inverter Log Dashboard

Our technology ensures that you get the most out of your solar investment. We are built on a Next.js Typescript frontend and Python REST backend; we use celery periodic tasks to execute the daily checks, and our self-hosted oauth server for authentication; all of our services run in a DigitalOceanKubernetes cluster. We understand the importance of reliable energy production, and our alerts system is built to give you peace of mind.

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Our service is available across the United States, with plans to expand further. Please contact matt@opensensor.ioif you live in a different locale or utilize a different inverter brand but are interested in our service.